“The Art of Outdoor Living”


The Garden

Beauty and Function of Plants in Landscape

perennials, and annuals for landscape design

The trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals are the dominant players on the stage that is your landscape. They create life in the environment through color, texture, and aroma. In addition to beauty, plants function in the landscape design to:

  • soften the hard edges of a sidewalk, patio or deck
  • act as a border to direct foot traffic through the landscape
  • provide balance to the structure of the home and hardscapes
  • frame a view
  • provide shadeFoundation Plantings by Budding Branch Landscape & Design
  • provide a feeling of intimacy
  • provide a buffer for sound, wind, and privacy
  • provide seasonal color


Front Foundation Plantings

The right foundation plants in combination with flowering perennials and annuals to add color and texture and specimen trees and shrubs to add interest will enhance the curb appeal of your home.

Back Yard Plantings

Back Yard Plantings by budding branch landscape & designThe choice of plants and trees for your backyard can determine the function and feel of your landscape. We select the ideal plants for your landscape, considering your personal tastes, the design of your home and existing landscape, soil and sunlight conditions. You may want a formal garden with straight lines, geometrically shaped flower beds, symmetrical plantings, and manicured shrubs. Or you may want an informal garden with curved lines following the terrain with plants that are not symmetrically planted but chosen to balance each other in size and color. You may be interested in a cutting garden or one that attracts butterflies and birds, or maybe you want an edible landscape with a vegetable or herb garden or berry bushes. Flowering perennials and annuals in planter boxes and ceramic pots can also be used throughout the landscape to add color, and potted boxwoods or topiaries add an elegance to the front stoop. Our professional landscape designer Heath Skelton can help you pick the right plants for your desired garden style and design a landscape tailored to your unique property for beauty and function.

Plant Installation

Beyond aesthetics, we ensure trees, shrubs, and perennials are installed with the long-term care for the plant  in mind. Once we decide on the design, we hand select the plants to make sure we have healthiest and most attractive plants available. We prepare the soil as needed for planting and edge and mulch the beds for water conservation, weed prevention, and definition between the lawn and planting bed. To protect your investment and keep your landscape looking beautiful for years to come, we recommend and offer seasonal maintenance which includes pruning, weeding, edging, fertilizing and mulching.

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