“The Art of Outdoor Living”


Water Gardens

Water Garden landscaping & design in Howard County, Baltimore, Carroll, Frederick & Montgomery counties.Looking for peace and tranquility? Consider adding a water feature to your garden landscape. Water features can be used to add sound, movement, and atmosphere to the garden creating a truly relaxing retreat right in your backyard. Budding Branch Landscape & Design can design and install a water garden, fish pond, fountain, waterfall, or bubbler customized for the style of your landscape.



A pond will add atmosphere and life to the garden. Ponds come in all shapes, sizes, and styles and can be used as another environment for plant lovers to experiment with aquatic plants or as a home for fish such as koi or goldfish, or for frogs, and other wildlife. For a more contemporary look, ponds can be geometrically shaped with clean, straight lines, or for a more natural, rustic look, they can be made to look they were always part of the environment with natural stone borders with plants tucked in between. Our designer Heath Skelton can customize a pond for your landscape, and project manager Rob Boswell will oversee the construction. Ponds do require maintenance, and Budding Branch Landscape & Design offers seasonal pond cleanouts to keep your pond healthy and looking its best.

Fountains and Bubble Rocks

Watching the water fall from a fountain or bubble out of a rock or urn is mesmerizing, and the sound of falling water is soothing to the senses. From a tiered fountain or statue suitable for a courtyard to a simple rock or urn on a bed of stone, there is a fountain to fit every style of garden. Fountains can also be wall-mounted or combined with pools and spas for added serenity and interest. Landscape lighting can accent a fountain and add to evening enjoyment. At Budding Branch Landscape & Design, our landscape designer Heath Skelton can help you incorporate a customized fountain into your landscape design, and project manager Rob Boswell will coordinate the installation of the essential utilities to get your fountain running.


Waterfalls landscaping & design in Howard County, Baltimore, Carroll, Frederick & Montgomery counties.The sound of cascading water creates an atmosphere of serenity in a landscape and can muffle the sound of unwanted noise such as traffic. Waterfalls circulate water from a reservoir such as a pool, pond, or underground reservoir and direct it over a surface back into the pool or pond to create continuous sound and dynamic motion.  From a simple sheer descent waterfall into a pool to elaborate streams of water flowing over boulders and river rock into a pond, waterfalls can be incorporated into any style of landscape.

Pondless Waterfalls and Streams

Pondless Waterfall and Streams landscaping & design in Howard County, Baltimore, Carroll, Frederick & Montgomery counties.A pondless waterfall or stream offers the soothing sound and beauty of moving water with less maintenance than a pond. All you have to do is add water to the reservoir occasionally to replace water lost due to evaporation. Pondless water features also eliminate safety concerns when small children are around because there is no pool of water. Pondless waterfalls re-circulate water from an underground reservoir which is covered with a bed of rock, so the falling water seems to disappear into the rock. Like a traditional waterfall, the sound of water bubbling over a pondless waterfall or stream can add a relaxing atmosphere to the landscape and muffle unwanted sounds.   Budding Branch can design a captivating pondless waterfall or stream to fit the style of your backyard and provide hours of enjoyment.

Swimming Pool and Spa Water Accents

Swimming Pools & Spa Water Accents landscaping & design in Howard County, Baltimore, Carroll, Frederick & Montgomery counties.Swimming pools and spas are a relaxing backyard retreat, and fountains, waterfalls, and jets can all be incorporated into a pool design to add that special ambiance that falling water creates. Water accents can also be combined with lighting to make the effect even more fantastic. A sheer descent waterfall from a hot tub into a pool creates a serene atmosphere with gentle movement and sound. Waterfalls into or around a swimming pool landscape can be used to create a focal point and instill a particular style to the landscape whether simple and understated or elaborate and bold. Imagine water spilling from an elegant bowl or water raining down from the edge of a wall. Or picture a rushing waterfall cascading over boulders and river rock into the pool. Fountains and jets also provide visual interest to a swimming pool landscape. Symmetrical streams of water shooting from the spa into the pool, water dancing into the pool from jets in the pool deck, or water shooting up from the center of the pool can all enhance the design and feel of a backyard swimming pool retreat.

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